Knolls Estates has a large diversity of wildlife that frequents our HOA, golf course and mostly the undeveloped surrounding areas. The 12 common areas in Knolls Estates are all different, which gives wildlife many opportunities for homeowners to view. The golf course with lots of grass and ponds next to Knolls Estates is a go to place for wildlife. 95% of the pictures included have been taken by homeowners on their walks and from their homes. The large predators such as bear and cougar are rarely seen, they tend to avoid open spaces. They stay mostly in the undeveloped surrounding areas. 

We enjoy viewing the wildlife that we are privileged to share this beautiful area we live in. There are too many types of wildlife to list them all, some of the highlights include; Fox, Bobcats, Raccoon, Skunks, Digger & Silver Grey Squirrels, and Black & White Tail Deer. Birds, Birds, Birds, there are so many different kinds of birds, it’s a bird watchers paradise. Multitude of backyard birds such as finches, hummingbirds, robins, blue jays, doves, meadowlarks, juncos, woodpeckers, flicker, Tanagers, and many more. Wild birds include coopers’ hawks, redtail hawks, bald eagles, quail, geese and lots of turkeys. There are always many other creatures like, insects, frogs, lizards, garden and king snakes (no one has ever seen a rattlesnake). This gives you an idea of the diversity of the wildlife that frequents our Knolls Estates. Domesticated pets like cats and dogs are a staple with homeowners. Lots of homeowners use our streets to walk their dogs on a leash and get some exercise. Knolls Estates has placed four dog waste bag dispensers for homeowners use while walking dogs. Knolls Estates is a wonderland of wildlife, that everyone can enjoy.